May 2, 2013

Learning to Listen to your Instincts in Purchase Decisions

Emotions in money matters are not often talked about, but now is the time to do just that. In the finance world, having doubts can really affect the way that we lose or keep our money. There has been a minimalist change recently, which encourages people to have fewer things.


The idea is that one can have a less stressful existence when they have fewer things to worry about. There are many examples of this type of thinking in the everyday world. For example, imagine that you went to the store and found a movie you love. You really want to have the movie, but you have doubts about whether you actually already have a copy of it. You purchase the movie and end up having two copies of the same movie that you didn’t really need. The same idea applies to clothing items that you already have plenty of. It’s not necessary for you to have ten of the same kind of shirt.

The key element here is that you listen to what your instincts tell you when you are deciding whether to make a purchase. If you feel a sense of doubt in your gut when you are about to make a purchase, you probably shouldn’t make the purchase. Try to have an idea of what you have at home and what you are willing to spend when you leave to go shopping. This could save you a lot of money and a lot of headaches.

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